Jag känner hur jag måste göra nånting både kreativt och nördigt. Återkommer med det!


Och här kommer det, både kreativt och nördigt. En kort historia:

The wall

“What is so scary about the wall?”

“There are cracks in it.
Tiny cracks, you can’t see them right away.”

“Whats scary about the cracks?”

“It shines from them, a bright light is coming out.”

“What shines?”


“So what is scary about love then?”

“Where do I even begin? Nothing, everything.”

“So loves shines from the cracks in the wall and that is scary?”



“There is darkness beyond the wall.”

“How can there be darkness if it shines?”

“To let out such intense light There can be nothing left but darkness. Everything has escaped through the cracks.”


“Because no love has gone in and so much love escapes.”

“I understand. But why is that scary? Surely nothing evil resides were such love radiates.”

“It does not have to be evil to be dangerous. Surely even you understand that a black hole also is not evil. Yet it radiates light from the gasses that draws near, from the violent hunger that causes them to compress and heat up.”

“I understand. But did you know that if a black hole is large enough you could pass through the event horizon safe and sound. Well, from ones own perspective that is. Who knows what kind of life and laws that exist there.”

“That is a bit scary no?”

“Ok, I guess. But no analogy is perfect. If no love comes in then there cannot be anything that gets compressed so the darkness within is not the same thing as a black hole. Why not try it?”

“Maybe not a black hole but it will devour me still.”

“How can you be sure of that?”

“Such amount of love surely will come with a proportionate demand I can not hope to match.”

“But you have not tried?”

“No, I have not.”

“So why don’t you? Maybe he just is very very lonely.”

“I… I am scared you know? What if, I don’t know, what if I end up hurting him?”

“Well you know, life is like that. If you never try you never will find out, and maybe you hurt him more by never trying, you don’t know that either.”

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

“But if you think about it logically…”

“LOGICALLY? It always comes down to THAT doesn’t it? It was a long time ago we left that stage and yet you … you people, can never let that pass. Racist.”

“But.. Oh, damn. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. Honest. Just… look I’m sorry. Just TRY what I have told you. A relationship like what you are experiencing is never easy. There have been numerous cases of forbidden love throughout the history, between different races, same genders, difference in age, class and so on. Many of them failed because they never could break through the expectations from their surroundings. But some of them did work out. It is frowned upon yes but in the cases were it works out I think it is worth it, and it’s never as bad as you imagine. Hey, it will be ok.”

The android slumped it’s.. HER shoulders and tears were running down her cheeks. He sighed. He couldn’t quite get used to this, being a counseling psychologist for a firm that accepted androids as well. Apparently feelings were real, or so the scientists said, but who can really know for sure.

“Look, how about you come back the usual time next week and think about what we have talked about?”

She nodded and walked out of the room in silence.

Short story written 2011-08-22 by Mikael Isaksson

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